So who should be having a sports massage? Triathletes, rugby players, runners, weightlifters, basically anyone who participates in any sports. So why is it different to swedish massage? The techniques used in Swedish massage which are effleurage, petrissage, vibration and friction are long, slow and gentle movements. They are very similar to those used during a sports massage, however, the main difference being that sports massage tends to focus on a particular muscle group and involves greater pressure to work deeper into the tissue. What to expect at your first appoinment If you are going for your first sports massage and have been training hard, the first one can be painful, this is partly from not knowing what to expect, the next one is usually a lot better. If you are having your legs massaged wear loose shorts or appropriate underwear so that the therapist can work on your glutes. Arriving for you appointment well hydrated can help prevent muscle stiffness and keeping hydrated afterwards pre-race/event When to get Sports Massage? Consider, before booking your massage how close it is to a race. If it’s on the day it can cause pre-race soreness. Post race, normally offered at the finish line. But for some it’s best to have it 3-4 days after event Why should I have a sports massage? Incorporating massage into your fitness training plan and using a foam roller in between massages to help with stretching. It’s good for Injury and pain reduction How often should I have a sports massage? Ideally you should have one twice a month