What you need to know about an intimate wax... Well first we do more then the basic bikini line, in fact we have 4 different styles to choose from. The Bikini Line, Californian, Brazilian and Hollywood. So what is the difference? The Bikini Line - Hair is removed along the normal panty line. The Californian - A triangular shape of hair is left on the pubic area. Hair is also removed from labia. Or to put it another way removed from the lips. The Brazilian - Often called the landing strip, it is a thin strip of hair 1 or 2 finger widths on the pubic area. Hair is also removed from the labia (lips), perineum and anus. The Hollywood - All the hair is removed from everywhere, the whole pubic mound, labia (lips), perineum and anus. Before the wax We suggest wearing loose trousers and cotton underwear on the day of your wax to avoid any irritation later in the day. Before we start I’ll explain the process of the wax, but I will continue to guide you throughout. I’ll leave the room and get you to freshen up with an intimate wipe from Outback Organics, then let you make yourself comfortable on the treatment bed. I will ask you get into a few different positions, depending on the type of wax you are having, but your comfort is always the most important thing. How long does each wax take? Each wax can vary depending if you are a new client or a regular. If you are a new client a bikini will be 20mins, California 30mins and for a Brazilian & Hollywood 45mins. But if you have more regular appointments then it can be quicker. Aftercare Take on board my aftercare and advice, use the sachet of Bush Balm from Outback Organics that is provided. Exfoliate and moisturise with suitable products between appointment. Doing this will prevent those unwanted ingrown hairs. I recommend using the little wonders for down under kit from Outback Organics. (Included is an exfoliator, moisturisers, ingrown hair serum & body wash.) How long will the results of my intimate wax last for? Most women come and get waxed every 4-6 weeks. You won’t be hair-free for that length of time but there will be hair there for me to wax.