The Power of touch

Having spent so long in lock down and socially distancing, it got me thinking about the power of touch. Feeling relaxed is part of it but touch has also been proven to reduce anxiety, lower your blood pressure, strengthen your immune system and increase your levels of Oxytocin which is linked with feelings of love, bonding and wellbeing.

We have all seen, on the television, the Grandparents who have missed having hugs from their grandchildren, but we also cannot shake hands and there are no hugs to greet friends as we continue to stay socially distant. 

From the gentle touch of a hand to a great big cuddle, touch is hugely important to us as a form of comfort and connection with each other throughout our lives. Simple hand holding can have some of the benefits of touch, but massage affects every system of our bodies too. 

Magazines and newspapers are writing articles about touch but I found this fantastic article all about the importance and psychology of touch, it's really interesting and highlights just how important touch is.