Summer Waxing

Summer Waxing

Did you know that Outback Organics has a unique blend of three indigenous Australian plums that gives our Opal Peelable Wax its hypoallergenic properties? Making it the BEST wax for ultra-sensitive skins. ⁠

We often get asked what wax in the Outback range is best for waxing more sensitive areas of the body, and our response is always Opal ⁠

At Calm Organic Beauty we use the Opal Peelable for intimate waxing, underarms, eyebrows, and upper lip. Its advanced polymer technology creates a 'shrink-wrapped' effect around the hair, creating less adhesion to the skin, leading to more comfortable hair removal with less chance of skin lifting. ⁠

Dom's favourite treatment is waxing, get in touch to book your Summer Waxing or book online (not less than 48 hours before though)