Spring Skin with Herbfarmacy

Herbfarmacy's Spring Skin Ideas As green shoots begin to appear on tree branches and small mammals emerge from hibernation, it’s important to think of springtime as a time to be embraced, a time for new starts and, above all, a chance to give your skin some TLC after a long winter.

With this changing of the seasons in mind, we’re sharing some organic skin care choices you can make this spring to really make the most of the new season.

A Lighter Touch - If your skin has been particularly dry all winter, moisturising has probably been an essential part of your skin care regime. When your skin is lacking moisture, it’s a natural tendency to want to smother it with as much product as possible, however this can sometimes worsen your skin in the long run. This spring, try swapping your heavy moisturises for something a bit lighter, like the organic Calming Face Cream. Light and airy, it locks in the essential moisture your skin needs, giving it the space to breathe naturally.

Scrub away the winter blues - Have you started body brushing yet? Running our Body Brush, which has natural cactus bristles, over the skin helps to remove dead skin cells, naturally exfoliating the skin leaving you with a brighter complexion. It's the perfect way to show your skin that extra bit of love this Spring. Once you start, you won't know how you ever coped without it!

Your pocket sized best friend - If you’re looking to leave cracked and dry lips behind and step into spring with a luscious lip look, our vanilla and cocoa butter Lip Conditioner is just the thing. This product has even won a Green Parent Natural Beauty Award, so you can rest assured it’s the real deal.

Treat skin issues the natural way - If you have eczema, psoriasis or generally sensitive or irritated skin which worsens during the winter months, the new season (and its warmer temperatures) brings some sweet relief. But if you’re on a mission to make a fresh start in spring, why not swap a mainstream skin treatment for something more natural? Our award-winning, 100% organic Skin Rescue Balm is filled with effective natural ingredients, such as comfrey and chickweed, which relieve itching and provide versatile relief for a number of common skin problems.