I have tried so many treatments over the years but somehow have never had Osteopathy until now.

Emily Kenyon is going to be holding a clinic every Monday at Calm Organic Beauty, so I wanted to try the treatment for myself first. 

As expeceted Emily went through a health consultation first, asking me questions about my general health and wellbeing and also about any pain or discomfort I might be having.

Emily then asked me to remove my top and she asked me to do some gentle movements so she could see how my mobility was and so she can identify any issues visually before treating me.

For the treatment itself i had thought that I might have some chiropractic adjustments and some massage, as this was what I thought Osteopathy was. 

Emily explained that she is classically trained which means her treatment is all about mobility, she worked by using rocking movements that I found really quite relaxing but I could also feel sore spots being released throughout my back, neck, hips and shoulders. The pressure was firm but very comfortable the whole time, I could tell Emily had worked hard to release tension and I could feel that tension had gone.

Emily expalined that i would really feel the treatment continue to work in the coming days, and I really did, my shoulders were a little tender the following day, but I carried on feeling shifts in my back the rest of that week, I don't think I have ever had that from a treatment before.

I am having a follow up treatment next week, and then I might need to see Emily every few months to keep up my muscle and joint mobility.

Overall I was really impressed, Osteopathy with Emily was very different to what I was expecting, I relaxed and enjoyed the treatment and felt it working for days after, I'm really looking forward to my next session. 

If you would like to book an appointment with Emily Kenyon please call or text her on 07765552417 Email: Or find her on facebook; Emily Kenyon Registered Osteopath and Animal Osteopath