I watched a online lecture this week, it was at Professional Beauty, the UK's biggest beauty exhibition and the title was "How to be more Eco Friendly in your beauty business" I watched for nearly 50 minutes and made notes throughout. After watching I felt so proud of what I am doing with both salons, there are always more ways to improve but we are getting there slowly. The speaker talked about windows, flooring, lighting etc, all of which we have already targeted at both salons, we have solar panels and at calm organic all the electricty we use is from renewable sources. She talked about towels, Calm Treatments are nearly 10 years old and are still looking good becuase they are washed in eco friendly liquid and air dried, same for the other salon too. We are using nearly all UK based products, which helps keep the mileage pollution low, our ranges include, organic, vegan, recyclable, sustainable and fair trade there are always improvments to be amde and we will continue to work on this. We recycle as much as we can and try to keep palstic to a minimum, we can improve this by becoming completely plastic free and that is our aim, we are demanding it from our suplliers too. We are reducing our cotton wool usage in both salons and we are looking at tissue supliers at the moment. The one thing that I learnt about was bamboo toilet paper, so that is my next research point, anyone tried it?